Mr. Bean Beats Me Into Submission

"The Nacho Libre Effect" is a phrase I coined to describe comedy movies that start out questionable in quality, but are so determined and focused in their singular vision that they eventually beat you into submission and you end up laughing a lot and giving in to them.

So it goes with Mr. Bean's Holiday. It's made primarily for children even younger than the target audience for the High School Musicals, so it took me a while to re-frame the way I was watching it. But once things snapped into place, I had a dandy afternoon.

Mr. Bean definitely is not for everyone, and some of the time he's not even for me, but I do thoroughly admire Rowan Atkinson's dedication to the art of physical comedy. (He's equally adept at verbal gymnastics in the hit-and-miss Black Adder series.)

One of my favorite Rowan Atkinson anything, however, is Rowan Atkinson Live, a comedy concert performance that hurls one great sketch at you after another. The "No One Called Jones" bit is shockingly simple but effective and funny:

The concert closes with this bit, in which he finds and plays invisible drums. Yes, invisible drums! It's a little bit of magic:

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  1. sometimes, he gets on my nerves..and sometimes he make my sides hurt with laughing.

    the man is a genius.