Music Alert: Smashing Televisions, Scottish Funk, and Guys in Eyeliner

It's time to introduce you to some cool songs that you might have not yet heard because, if I don't do it, who the hell will?

The Oakland-based pop-punk quartet, The Matches, aim for a different sound than it's used to, a string section and all, in a nifty little ditty called "Salty Eyes." The music video, which Boomer Nothing described in my very first podcast episode, features a bunch of television sets getting smashed, a sort of postmodern "Subterranean Homesick Blues":

Paolo Nutini is an odd name for a Scotsman, and the fact that he revels in a blend of funk, soul, and rock is even odder. "Jenny, Don't Be Hasty" is funkadelic:

Finally, guys in San Pedro aren't afraid to wear eyeliner. Jack Anthony and his band serve up the catchy "Averill Park" and bring the middlecore look of pop-punk to Orange County:

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