The New "Rolling Stone"

Have you seen the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine? I had to pick it up right away for obvious reasons: (1) there's an article about presidential hopeful John Edwards, and (2) they cover Eric Clapton's guitar festival! What an issue! It's chock full of good information.


  1. Peter Varvel8/11/2007

    'Good information,' my ass!
    All you see is the eye candy of Zac Efron!

  2. Zac Efron? Oh, I didn't even notice him on the cover. I was just looking at the text.

  3. Oh CHRIST. Who decided that Zach Efron deserved to be on the cover of Rolling Stone? Shame. Shaaaaaaaaaaaame. *will probably have a High School Musical nightmere tonight*

  4. Peter Varvel8/11/2007

    Okay, forget the wonders of "Hairspray" and the ideal casting for the dreamboat character, Link.
    As Emily Littela said, Never mind!

  5. Diablo8/12/2007

    My husband confessed to me that Zac's cover photo gave him a semi. I laughed.

  6. Only a semi?! Tell him to look at that body! Look closer! Look harder! Look deeper! Look faster! Yes yes! Oh yes!