Nick Lowe Gets Terry Gross All Hot and Bothered

Several weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly published a terrific interview with Nick Lowe, whose new At My Age album is surely winning him a legion of new fans, due to its irresistible hooks and inviting sound. I haven't been able to find the article online until now because the EW site's search engine sucks.

After you're done with that article, listen to Terry Gross's Fresh Air podcast with Nick Lowe (also available for free on iTunes), who chats and plays some songs from his new album. (Thanks for calling me about this, Donovan!) Aside from being an entertaining talk and performance, it's amusing to hear Terry seem to get all hot and bothered by Mr. Lowe. She showers him with compliments and fawns over him like a tween at a High School Musical ice show. It's really cute when smart people exhibit lust.

Then, go to his website to check out tour dates. I'm seeing him at Safari Sam's in Los Angeles on October 2, 2007, so you should come with. He's playing elsewhere as well, and it will be well worth it wherever you are.

I've seen him live once before at Slim's in San Francisco, shortly after he released The Impossible Bird, surely one of my favorites from his discography. He's such a dynamic performer that I muscled my way toward the front and jumped up and down with the rest of the crowd during the uptempo numbers. I don't think he saw me, so remind me next time to wear platform shoes.

Need convincing? Take a look at this BBC clip of him performing "Long Limbed Girl" (off the new album) live. The song has a nostalgic feel to it, and is unusually moving, especially since the man looks like he's a thousand years old. That must be why he has so much command over the music:

And in this other live clip, "Hope for Us All," he uses the word "feckless," which practically gave Terry Gross an orgasm—just listen to her at end of that podcast. So so cute.

Finally, you cannot continue reading unless you are a true Nick Lowe fan. Here, he does a fucking beautiful solo version of his classic Rockpile song, "Heart." It actually brought tears to my eyes. You would understand why if you knew how amazing it is to (1) hear this song live in the first place; (2) listen to him completely reinterpret it; and (3) watch how the song carries greater weight given his age. (It was first recorded 27 years ago.) Good god, I feel like Terry Gross.


  1. That did feel a little weird. I discovered Nick around 1983 and it's unnerving to see him looking like someone's grandpa. But still sounding so cool.

  2. His old songs take on new levels of meaning when he sings them at his age. It's great!

  3. Great to see that Mr. Lowe is still generating pure pop for the nowest of people.

    (Ms. Gross excepted, of course)


  4. Extra extra points for deftly referencing his first (American) release!