Now THAT'S Dedication

Despite what you may think, I am not nearly fucked-up enough to have attended the much talked about (on this blog anyway) High School Musical 2 Friday Night Premiere Party. Instead, I watched the movie in my apartment in the comfort of my underwear.

I am not quite yet ready to blog about HSM2. It's utter genius still clings to me like a layer of ash after just escaping a burning building, and I want to have it all to myself for a while. Once I publicly share the experience, it loses its magic. I want to hold on to this for a bit.

In the meantime, you'll have to visit what is surely either one of the most brilliant or one of the most disturbing sites on the Internet: the Zac Efron Please Stop Tanning blog. Yes, it's a blog that is solely and obsessively "dedicated to Zac Efron and his tan face." The fact that there are more than three entries (there are actually 20 by my latest count) shows you that dedication is an understatement.

Check out the Pigment Manifesto in the right-hand column, and give the blogger props for seeming to love and hate something simultaneously, reminding us at how complex life can be sometimes:

zac efron… i respect you. i use your whole name every single time. but the orange skin, lower-east-side-meets-abercrombie-employee hair and overall douchebagness that is pouring out of you makes me doubt just how cool you are.


  1. Maybe some queen-in-charge will name a new shade of orange after him in the canned paints section at Homo Depot.

  2. I like him a little bit colored. I can pretend we're lovers in the Mexican Revolution.