Obligatory "HSM2" Update: "Prince, Make It End"

In reference to all the absurdity surrounding High School Musical 2: Chock Full of Gay, which just keeps on going, Loren said to me this morning, "Prince, make it end."

But I can't. I don't have that much power. The "controversy" keeps popping up on other people's blogs, showed up on The National Ledger site, and, perhaps most bizarrely, was referenced on a discussion thread on Divorcebusting.com—it starts on the fourth post on the page I linked and continues onto the next page.

As for the continuing comments thread over on QueerSighted, I wanted to pull some more "best of's" for you, but I stopped reading them somewhere in the low 1,000s. So I went to the last posted comment and started working my way back. Here's what I found (errors included):

OMIGOD!!! High school musical is SO NOT GAY!!!!! i get so super mad when people like YOU say it is! i dont understand why you would go out of your way to offend so many HSM fans and say such hurtful things about the cast. ZAC EFRON IS NOT GAY!!!!11 i swear! i saw him at starbuck's one time and i could tell that he was strait by the way he was talking to the guy he was with. he's so manly... he even was growing some facial hair! you dont know him or the creaters of HSM, so why would you judge them?!?!?!? i love HSM SO MUCH, i just wish the whole world could watch it together and dance and sing along... it would make the earth such a happier place. ...& by the way, karma comes back to you, so the mean things you say about HSM will come back to bite you! think about THAT!!!!!

Seriously you need to get a life!!! Why do you think it's a Disney Channel Original Movie? Because Disney movies are meant for little kids under 10 years of age. I'm sorry but you don't think because if you did you wouldn't be calling a Disney movie "gay". What's next you saying The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, Aladdin and all the other Disney movies are gay. Nice way to destroy a kids life. And seriously why were you even watching a 10 year old movie. Maybe you should blog about what a 40 year old guy,in this case YOU, were doing friday night watching HSM2. That just tells me you have NO LIFE!

Well your gaytarded


  1. My favorite quote:

    "i love HSM SO MUCH, i just wish the whole world could watch it together and dance and sing along... it would make the earth such a happier place."

    Please let someone make that statement without any hint of irony, preferably at a press conference. I would buy tickets.

  2. Golfwidow, where's your personal blog?

    ...As for the quote, at first I thought for sure that the person was being sarcastic, but, after a few more readings, I realized that there is NO IRONY!

  3. Oh, em, gee, are you going to visit me?

    Can I get a witness ... can I get a witness ... he's some kind of wonderful ...

    Oh, come on, then. http://www.golfwidow.net

  4. Golfwidow, that was EXACTLY the same line that I was going to respond to!

    Prince, what's the origin of the impression that you are 40 years old?
    You look like you're 20, bless your lil' evil heart!

    Just wait until some of these same naysayers end up working for/at the Mouse House and realize how accurate you are about how gay-gay-GAY Disney is!

  5. Would someone refresh me on the meaning of gaytarded?

  6. I think that a lot of this commentators don't even realize it's you who wrote this blog entry. I think a lot of them think it was written by Kenneth Hill and are missing the whole "Guest Blogger" bit.

    Anywhoo - this is absurd.

  7. Diablo8/24/2007

    How is calling HSM gay gonna "ruin a kid's life"? Gosh, these people are so phobic!

    Last night I dreamed I was eating sorbet off Corbin Bleu's warm, taut abs.

  8. Has it occurred to anyone that Neil LaBute might have 1600 aliases and a lot of time on his hands?

  9. I think Tim might be on to something. What if Actor's Equity, Neil Labute, Rebecca Schoenkopf, and the tweenies formed a united front against Prince? I feel like this has the makings of the best parts of Return of the Jedi and Mean Girls, only gayer. Because of Zac Efron.

  10. I love this conspiracy theory! And when the big reveal happens at the end, it'll be just like the end of a Neil LaBute play!

  11. Am I the only person who likes Neil Labute?

  12. gw rocks.

    and you can find her linked on MY blog, because i am allowed to reflect some of her rocking glory.

    i think the comment should be on a teeshirt we could all wear.

    ps enrique, you are not alone.

  13. Thanks for the company.

  14. Prince: I'm sorry that you being associated with me has turned you into -- eek! -- a 40 year-old man.

    So my boyfriend and I watched HSM #1 last night in honor of you. OMG, I LOVE it. And SO SO SO G-A-Y. It was a camp and kitsch-fest!


    Kenneth Hill
    age 40+

  15. I now plan to use the word "gaytarded" whenever possible.
    Thank you for the laughter, as well as the tears, P.

  16. The ultimate insult is now "gaytarded 40-year-old."