Obligatory "HSM2" Update: Taking Absurdity to New Levels

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, August 23, 2007
My unwittingly "controversial" post, High School Musical 2: Chock Full of Gay, over on AOL's QueerSighted blog is propelling absurdity to new, delightful, and frightening extremes:

1.) It has drawn more than 1,600 comments (so far) from mostly angry tweenyboppers, teenagers, and parents, making it one of the most responded to posts in the history of the blogosphere and redefining the term "the decline of Western civilization."

2.) It was re-posted on a bunch of kids' MySpace pages; reported about on USA Today's entertainment blog, as well as other blogs; drew 200+ comments on LiveJournal's Ohnotheydidn't community board; and got picked up by Fark.com, where they've got their own little discussion going on.

3.) It was talked about and quoted from this morning on the Kevin & Bean show on KROQ in Los Angeles (thanks for the tip, Bread and Bread).

4.) It caused the traffic on my own blog, BAMBOO NATION, to increase by more than 2000 percent, and, although most of those visitors will never return, my subscriber list nearly quadrupled.

5.) It has resulted in a business proposition (which I will write about later), and is beginning to open some showbiz-ey doors (more on that in the future).

That's absurd!

Steven Spielberg, call me! I have an idea for The Goonies sequel!
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  1. Peter Varvel Said,

    PROPS to the Coolest Queer Asian Playwright in the Universe!

    Six degrees--or less!--from HSM2: Chock Full o' Gay to being signed by SS as a writer for Goonies 2.

    I wouldn't be surprised. Stranger things have already happened in your life, it seems.


  2. golfwidow Said,

    Obviously being straight and female is why I am doomed to bask in obscurity evermore.


  3. Enrique Said,

    No, golfwidow. It probably has something to do with your cape clashing with your top. Though props to your mad flying skills. I salute you.

    Prince, if you blow up because of this and become some huge megastar...

    I make an awesome fluffer.


  4. Peter Varvel Said,

    Sorry, Mr. Without Shame--I asked first!

    Although Prince told me there would be no pay involved since he already knows that I do that for free--that cheap bastard!


  5. When I have my own entourage, I am definitely hiring a fluffer. In fact, I want a whole team of fluffers. I have different needs on different days.


  6. Enrique Said,

    Oh really, Peter?


    You free tomorrow night?


  7. My blog is visited by whores!


  8. Peter Varvel Said,

    Hmmm, Friday?
    Yeah, probably after 9pm.
    But I'm on the west coast.
    It sounds like you're 'all ovah!'
    Where r u now?

    Prince, can I trust this nasty boy?


  9. Peter Varvel Said,

    I want Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

    Enrique can have my leftovers, although I never mind sloppy seconds.

    . . . the sloppier, the better.

    Sorry, golfwidow. Didn't mean to turn this into a big ol' fag-whores-hook-up discussion . . .


  10. Enrique and Peter, you two can totally trust each other.

    As long as you're immune to the clap.


  11. Enrique Said,

    Prince: You know I'm not a whore...

    But if the man leaves a hundred on the table, I ain't saying SHIT!


    Enrique (Providence, fyi,Mr. Varvel)


  12. Peter Varvel Said,

    I never get tired of applause!

    Prince, your LIFE is visited by whores.



  13. Quin Said,

    then...there's me.


  14. Enrique Said,

    quin, you're guilty by association.


  15. golfwidow Said,

    PV, you say "big ol' fag-whores-hook-up discussion" like that's something that'll keep me away.

    As if. I am all about eavesdropping on this conversation.

    You guys are so cute I wish I was a boy.


  16. Prince, your next play (or movie) can just be a documentary about the amazing adventures of Bamboonation!


  17. Peter Varvel Said,

    Golfwidow, do we work in the same office and I'm just not making the connection?
    I'm called 'PV' at work.
    Hey, if Enrique is as much of an exhibitionist as I am, you can WATCH, as well as eavesdrop.

    Prince can direct.


  18. Enrique Said,

    We should go back to discussing the ridiculousness that Prince has unleashed. I'm hoping that this makes it on E somehow. Prince---maybe you should pitch a reality series doing...whatever it is you do. I'd watch.


  19. Peter Varvel Said,

    So, you're a voyeur AND an exhibitionist, Sweet Mr. E of Life?

    Prince, how WOULD you describe what it is that you do . . . do?


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