Obligatory "HSM2" Update: "I'm Going to Shove My School's Flag Pole Up Your Ass"

My post about the gayness of High School Musical 2 has now drawn nearly 1,300 mostly angry comments, which, judging from a cursory Internet search, makes it one of the most commented blog entries ever posted by anybody on any site. I am not kidding. Please find me other blog entries with this many responses because, in order for me to sleep well tonight, I need to know that there are at least a few other topics that are more important to the planet Earth than High School Musical 2.

I've only skimmed the comments into the early 1000s, so I can't really post a comprehensive "best of" list here. But I will give you one gem that some guy put up earlier today:

when i figure out where you live i'm going to shove my school's flag pole up your ass!!

Since I haven't really posted a real response to the nasty comments, people have been wondering if I'm offended by them or enjoying them. Well, I'm having the time of my life and marvelling at how absurd it all is, although it is cutting into my work schedule.

I am in the midst of working on a measured response, but it is not really about defending me or my piece. I mean, really, arguing with a bunch of children would be like, well, arguing with a bunch of children—so why bother?

But I do feel the need to answer some of the questions posed in the comments section, many of which could easily be answered if you actually read the article, but perhaps that's asking too much.

As for the flag pole up the ass, that's not really a threat. In my world, that's called flirting. So that must make you...so gay.


  1. Anonymous8/21/2007

    HSM? Gayer than a bag of dicks.
    That is all.

  2. Anonymous8/21/2007

    First saw this this morning and I've been paying attention on and off all day. Shot my productivity to hell too.

    I'd love to see a graph of the sentiments in the comments. As far as I can tell it runs 5-1 in favor of "Its not gay, UR the on whos gay. Get a life!!111!" VS. "I can't believe all you idiots. Get some reading comprehension skills" A bit better than I thought it would be.

    All in all, great fun.

  3. Anonymous8/21/2007

    Is this really nessiscary?! Putting down millions of kids everywhere just so you can live with having a "juicy story"? What is your problem?! What do you care if hsm(2) is gay!? and wat does "Obligatory "HSM2" Update: "I'm Going to Shove My School's Flag Pole Up Your Ass"" have to do with hsm2 anyway? Get a grip. Instead of insulting people who watch hsm and hsm2, do yourself a favor and dont watch it. or let ur kids watch it. !For your information..YOUR GAY! Y DONT U GO WRITE ABOUT BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN, MAKE SOME MORE MONEY, AND BATHE IN IT! no, im sorry GO F$/K YOURSELF B*/$H!

  4. "nessiscary?"
    Well, scary, yes, at least, the state of youth and their lack of spelling/grammar/punctuation skills.

    Lord have mercy!

    Congratulations on setting a new record, Prince! And to all who responded to the article, thanks for helping him to achieve that!

  5. Benny Flambards8/22/2007

    My best friend is gay but he couldn't countenance watching this. It's just too gay even for him.

  6. Anonymous8/22/2007

    There's a language difference here. You have insulted these kids without realising it. The word "gay" is use by high school kids to mean "lame" and is less related to sexuality. For example, if you read your commentary (which is funny BTW!) and substitute the word "lame" for gay in each occurence, that's what the kids are reading, and that's why they're pissed.

    Sorry, but it's generational. we're all getting old. there's an important political question re. how did the word "gay" come to mean "lame" but that's a whole thread in itself.

  7. You're absolutely right. My formal response, which will be posted shortly, deals with the misuse of the word "gay."

  8. Thank you for the last line of this post, Prince. Glad to see you're seeing the absurdity of it all.

    I love reading your posts about HSM and HSM2.

  9. you rule google search

    oh, and anon 1? did you stay awake in any of your english classes? 'nessiscary'? 'ur'? 'wat'? oh, and it's brokeback mountain.

    i mean, really.

  10. People simultaneously make me laugh and puke at the same time.