Obligatory "HSM2" Update: "Your Mom Must Have Dropped You on Your Head"

I listen to music mostly through my Rhapsody service, which streams just about any album I want through my computer for a modest monthly fee. But some albums just aren't available because of licensing issues, so you have to buy them if you want to hear them. Such is the case with the High School Musical 2 soundtrack. Although I so deeply desire to sing and dance in my underwear to these songs, I am unable to pull the trigger and spend the $8.99. So I'm listening to the 30-second samples that Rhapsody makes available over and over again in the hope that that will be enough to send me into a Zefrontastic frenzy.

I mean, how can I spend even a penny on a company that inspires tween fanaticism and rage, as demonstrated by the latest comments on my infamous guest blog, High School Musical 2: Chock Full of Gay (errors included):

if u didnt like it who cares nobody gives a crap what u think so why dont u do us all a favor and take ur negativity and shove it up ur ass.

OMG. WHOEVER YOU ARE ... YOU SOUND SOOOOO JEALOUS OF ZAC EFRON! I imagine YOU'RE they gayest thing on the planet (how else would you perfectly quote those gay references???)and you're just bitching and moaning like a little brat throughout the ENTIRE ARTICLE. Get a LIFE

you're just a bitter fag who has no one to ass fuck him. ugly ass motherfucker.

Your mom must have dropped you on your head when you were a baby because your brain is messed up.

And then there were the kids who weren't angry with me, but also misinterpreted column:

That movie was so gay, I couldn't believe it. I was stuck watching it cause my girl wanted to and you gotta keep the lady happy and all I could do was pray to God for death. It was so gay it could easily convert a lesser man to the other team, but luckily I had my secret weapon... My girl friends sweet boobs, man I swear starin at them is the only reason I'm not recieving now, man was that me gay, effin mega time.


  1. Is that all it takes to be converted back the other way around--"starin' at sweet boobs?"

    Ex-gay Christian ministry is going about it all wrong, then!

  2. You see, HSM2 is not as gay as we all think. Sweet boobs are so much more powerful.

  3. ah, one day, he'll be staring at her waist thinking, "weren't those higher at some point in our lives?"

  4. Anonymous10/21/2007

    haha let me tell you from personal experience staring at "sweet boobs" doesn't really help. Zac is too hot for that. Also, Prince, to hell with all those kids. I commented on that story, and my comment went like this: "I WISH that it was gay, because I am in LOVE with Zac Efron!" So you do have some support.

  5. Anonymous10/23/2007

    this is toooooooo funny not to laugh about. Come on ppl. you're standing up for Zac and he doesnt even know you exist. Just enjoy your movie and let him think its "gay". Life goes on, and Zac doesn't give a rat's ass or two shits about you people....

    this is great.