Obligatory "HSM2" Update

As if leaving nearly 600 comments to my QueerSighted guest column, High School Musical 2: Chock Full of Gay, weren't enough, they (you know who "they" are) have now migrated over to BAMBOO NATION to continue the discussion on this post. Jesus Christ, did any of the Presidential debates last this long? I mean, yeah, that Zac Efron is a hot piece of ass, but, man, is he really worth all this?


  1. Joshua Judkins8/21/2007

    Yea...I scrolled through several.

    I cannot believe how dimwitted internet users are.

    I just wanted to apologize...your article was awesome and I tried to post some sense...but I'm certain it got buried beneath the rubbish.

    I posted the following:

    "First, lets make something VERY clear. Being called "gay" is NOT an insult. In this review gay is meant as it's literal: homosexual.

    Furthermore it is extremely faulty to not consider homosexuality as a subject matter in any sort of musical. The gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT) demographic is a major demographic of the arts with GLBT patrons, directors, performers, and writers making up a higher proportion in the arts than the general population.

    To offer any meaningful review of a musical about the delicate and oft troubling teenage years it is extremely insightful and needed to discuss sexuality.

    Although the primary audience of the HSM movies are 13 year old girls, teenagers as a whole are the main consumers with yes, GAY teenagers a part of that group.

    Disney frequently produces high school-set dramas, series, and movies with complicated relationship scenarios which are invariably heterosexual.

    I think it's sad that disney can't produce a show that doesn't have a single gay character. When I was 13 and watching the Disney channel I only wish that I had a gay character to identify with. As a result I faced more social ostrication than my peers and had a quite troubling time in middle school and the first two years of high school being called "faggot" at least once a day. I eventually transferred to a liberal boarding school for science and math and technology and developed a healthy self-identity.

    My growth and development could have been a much easier process had I seen gay individuals I could identify with.

    Far too many gay youth face hardships and as a result end up homeless, physical and emotionally beaten or scarred, and not infrequently, committing suicide.

    Disney not only needs the BLATANTLY obvious homosexual undertones in the HSM movies, but it further needs spoken dialogue that discourses the subject of sexuality in a safe environment.

    Unfortunately the majority of the comments on this article are probably made by teens who don't quite grasp these often complex issues or by people who don't have much (if any) of a college education.

    Everything you see on television isn't literal, especially and above all with any play or musical.

    Look more deeply and perhaps America's general populace can evolve beyond using the word gay as a synomym for stupid into a people respectful and celebratory of each other's differences."

    I feel like I was screaming at a big, republican, bible thumper brick wall....oh well

    you rock.

  2. Joshua...oh snap! Thanks for that well-written, well-thought-out response.

  3. On the other site, someone just wrote: "when i figure out where you live i'm going to shove my school's flag pole up your ass!!"

    Should I be afraid?

  4. No, just wash out and lube up.

  5. I'm really shocked at the amount of vitriol your posts have generated from HSM fans. Writing essays where I viewed films through a queer lens is pretty much all I did in my Film Theory classes. If only I'd posted them to my blog, someone other than my TA would have read them.

    Living in the Bay Area, I forgot how so much of the world views homosexuality.

  6. Anonymous8/21/2007

    I hope you're enjoying the hell out of all the absolute idiots posting about your article (review?) I could hardly tear myself away. Kind of like watching a train wreck. I find it amazingly entertaining that so many people can miss the point so entirely due to their preconceived notions and unexamined biases. I especially love the ones who are calling you gay as if it was an insult and not totally obvious due to your article being posted on a queer blog. It's also encouraging to see some young posters who get it and are able to drag themselves out of the mainstream groupthink.

    I was a pro lighting tech for many years and musical theater was the DOMAIN of the gay guys. It was their territory, turf. To think that the producers and production personnel of a made for TV musical, regardless of how squeaky clean the image of the producing company is, aren't gay is to fly in the face of reality. And that gayness is going to come through in the finished product.

    In a way, it's kind of scary that so many people are devoting so much energy to vehemently defending a pointless peice of pop crap rather than worrying about how the constitution is being trampled on by our current outlaw government. But it's great that you're shaking stuff up a bit. GO PRINCE!!!

  7. Ha! Prince, you crack me up. What I find most amusing is my sister's little nephew is an obsessive HSM fan.

    And even though he's growing up in a conservative part of the country, no one sees anything wrong with it. It's a good thing, subtle messages of acceptance (or not so subtle to the trained eye) will hopefully plant seeds for acceptance later in life.

    And it's just freakin' funny to see these fans come after you. Sorry. But I know with your sharp wit you can take care of yourself.

    Good thing you never ripped on The Goonies.

    That is not an invitation.