Put that Surfboard on the Mantle

As if a ga-zillion fanatical fans weren't enough to keep his ego lubed and stroked until the day he dies, Zac Efron won a Teen Choice Award last night for "Choice Male Hottie." (Thanks to the Zac Efron Please Stop Tanning blog for the tip.) Zefron, like the other winners, took home a prized Teen Choice surfboard.

This video clip shows Zefron accepting his award, and, when you see the crazy tween girls screaming loud enough to rip the fabric of reality and bring your past lives back into existence, you will see the force that I have been up against for the past week:

Not one to be upstaged by the teen flavor of the month (I say that because teens are so so fickle), Justin Timberlake was beamed via satellite into the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios to be remotely honored for most Teen Choice wins ever: 21 sweet-ass surfboards.

Though he seems to be at the peak of his fame, Zefron still has something to aspire to—which means we all do.


  1. Wait, are those globe-decorated salad bowls in front of him? I NEED those.

  2. and then, there was poor Miss South Carolina on the Miss Teen USA broadcast.


    really, you must watch it.

  3. Yikes, that would be A LOT of screaming. BTW, did you see the sweet little 5-6 year old type at the end jumping up and down for Zac?

    That's me... on the inside.

    PS Quin, that was a frightening video.

  4. I gotta say, it's a frightening day for tweens and teens.

  5. i saw miss south carolina live (i only get a few stations in my barn)and actually was behind the sofa, cringing.