Sexy Trek!

Aside from the global community of nerds who are collectively creaming their jeans, the Asian-American entertainment community is all abuzz over the new Star Trek film, which J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias) is re-imagining as a sort of young, sexy Star Trek.

Since Heroes star Zachary Quinto has already been cast as Spock, we've been speculating over who will snatch the Sulu role away from George Takei. All the usual suspects have been batted about, but how about an unconventional choice: Jonathan Ke Quan?! From Short Round to Data to Sulu—the circle will finally be complete! Who's with me?!

Go to Angry Asian Man for Paramount's fascinating cast breakdown for all the principal characters.


  1. Peter Varvel8/07/2007

    I'm with you!
    Thanks for posting a pic of Quan all grown up!
    Even though he's an adult now, I still feel like a dirty old man ogling his photo.
    What's the minimum age again, for that status?

  2. Wow, he grew up really good lookin'! (and mighty conservative?) What's up with him? I'm sorry the M. Butterflies aged out of this one (B.D. Wong and Alec Mapa)!

  3. "I'm sorry the M. Butterflies aged out of this one (B.D. Wong and Alec Mapa)!"

    ...Oh snap! That's just what Alec loves hearing--how OLD he is! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  4. (SSSH! Don't tell him I said that...)

  5. I don't have any issues with this casting whatsoever; I do wonder if anyone not in the know will get confused, what with Quan having played Data in Goonies. "Wait - this isn't Next Generation?"