Subscription Service Activated

I know that some of you are unable to surf the Internet as much as you want at work or you try to avoid the Web as much as possible for whatever crazy personal reason. "The Internet contributes to the mechanization of society," I hear you cry. "I would much rather curl up with a Victorian novel or work on my scrapbook or spend time in my knitting circle." To which I respond with a laugh and a sneer. If George Orwell was so damn smart, then why is he dead?!

But all this doesn't mean you can't stay connected to my always fascinating blog anyway. I have just added a new feature in which you can receive a daily digest of new blog entries delivered to your inbox every morning. This service is completely separate from the Prince Gomolvilas Mailing List and JUKEBOX STORIES Mailing List, which some of you are already a part of, so sign up anew for the BAMBOO NATION Daily Digest.

Some of you have told me, however, that your company's firewall blocks out e-mails that curse. Sometimes my blog entries curse at you. It's a pity you'll miss those.