That's a Wrap

Today got off to another early start because we had to shoot the remaining scenes and pick-ups for Laundromat. The exteriors were shot guerrilla-style, stealing scenes on the quiet morning streets of West Hollywood. There were cops on the street we wanted to shoot on, but, fortunately, they were gone by the time we had to roll camera.

(This accompanying picture is of me, taking five.)

Back at the laundromat location, we had to bribe old ladies and homeless men to get out of our way. We primarily needed some cutaway shots, including extreme close-ups of me putting quarters in machines.

While I wasn't around, the director started shooting his own hand inserting quarters, and I was like, "I don't need a hand double, bitch!" Remember when the San Francisco Chronicle went as far to describe my "delicate fingers" in an article?!



    "Delicate fingers".

    Hhhmm, do you really have delicate fingers? And a newspaper actually wrote about it? Wow, pretty soon you will have papparazzi stalking you night and day.

  2. Nice picture. You look so deliciously five-taking.

  3. i was thinking pensive...he looks pensive.

  4. I can't believe no one's commented on the brilliant accompanying signs!

  5. I think there was a music group called 'Slow Children' in the eighties or nineties.
    Where's your protective helmet?

    I wouln't want to incriminate you, two-minute-Price, by commenting on 'speed queen.'

    My fave sign photo was of a friend standing by a road sign marked 'dip.'

  6. I was actually appalled (yes, I said appalled) by your blatant disregard for finding a "slippery when wet" sign to stand five-takingly next to.