They Give Pot a Good Name

If you're like me, you laughed your ass off at Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, so what a delight it is to discover the new trailer for Harold & Kumar 2, which is some funny-ass shit and wins mad props for the return of Neil Patrick Harris:

By the way, John Cho also stars in a film called See This Movie with Seth Meyers that I just saw, and it's hilarious. (Who knew Seth Meyers was such a damn good actor?) On DVD now, it's about a couple guys whose movie, through a funny set of circumstances, is accepted into a film festival. The only problem is they don't actually have a movie, so they have to make one in three weeks.

I now worship costume designers Debra LeClair and Jennifer Levy because every new outfit that Seth Meyers was in I wanted to have. When they inevitably Google themselves and find me, they should know that they should come to my house and dress me.

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  1. Ohmygawd, the 1st movie is my "happy" movie. Yes, I have a happy movie. Its one of the movies that I pop into the player after I had a particularly bad day.

    Oh man the 2nd movie trailer looks FANTASTIC!! I am sooo excited!!