Unholier Than Thou

If you don't get out into the world much, you may think that I am the only person who has a seemingly unholy interest in Neil LaBute. But FMD has just alerted me to existence of a one-act play called Killing Neil LaBute, written by Philadelphian David Robson, who, apparently, is unholier than I am.

The play just closed this weekend at Grande Olde Players Company in Omaha, Nebraska, which makes me see Nebraska in a whole new light. The theater company has the crappiest-looking website this side of a 14-year-old Filipino girl's MySpace page, but I guess they deserve some props for mounting such a titillatingly titled play, especially because their regular mission is to be "a community theatre for older adults and those who like to work with older generations." (I'm not knocking senior theater, but does Harvey really deserve all those productions?)

I'm going to contact David Robson to see if he'll let me read his script, and, if he doesn't, I'm going to write a one-act called Killing David Robson. I need more enemies anyway.


  1. let it be said, i found that link when googling to see if you were still found (and, yes, you are still there)... and i came across that. (and wondered if you wrote it..ha!)

    i'm a fan of labute. i think his work is intense, his words razor sharp, his wit is keen and his work is based on love and all the messed up ways we deal with that emotion. i have yet to not be moved in some deep way by a labute play or film.

    like you, i'm curious about the content of this piece of work... and, you have to ask yourself..how many other playwrights can curry such intense personal feelings based on the work they produce that something like this would be written? i don't think you'd find this done about neil simon. with labute, i've seen reviews where snide things were said about his mother in the course of the review of the play. that is totally out of hand.

  2. Well, without reading the Robson play, I can only assume it's satire coming from someone who respects LaBute. We shall see....

  3. I too have an unholy interest in Neil Labute. I'm kind of an admirer of his writing, even though I don't really like it. Does that make sense? He's a great technician, and he's fearless about being utterly devoid of human sentiment, but I've seen a number of his plays and films and I've always been left cold. Freezing cold, in fact. And since he's revealed himself to be a racial numbskull with his LA Times piece, I wholly support works of art with titles like KILLING NEIL LABUTE. And I support Prince Gomolvilas' unholy interest in the former Mormon.

  4. you ARE going to share with me, aren't you?

  5. this damn thing blog entry is ALREADY on google. who do you pay?