Waking Up at the Crack of Ass

A location has been secured for Laundromat, the short film that I'm going to be in. The place is downstairs from a boxing studio where they pound the crap out of each other rather loudly, so about a week from now we have to start filming at 5:30AM to avoid the noisy daytime hours. I haven't been up that early since the 80s, but it's all in the name of cinematic stardom. (Stardom equals celebrity sex equals the reason I am in this business.)

The movie is funny and moving and completely legit, but I think I'm going to ask for a fluffer anyway. I mean, sure, they don't need me to be erect, but they need me to be awake, don't they?


  1. Wait, I'm confused.
    Does that make you the star-fucker, or those of us who admit to being fans of Prince Gomolvilas?

  2. It's an endless interconnected cycle, Peter.

  3. i'd pay to script supervise this one