Wall-to-Wall Nerds

The King of Kong, a new documentary that opens this weekend, features so many nerds that I thought my glasses were going to snap in half just by watching the movie. The film explores the intense and bitter rivalry between the two greatest Donkey Kong players in the world, who are vying for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Yes, I said Donkey Kong. I feel like a nerd just for typing those words, and you feel like a nerd for knowing what I'm talking about.

If you're from the Pac-Man/Frogger/Joust/Q*bert generation, you know that this movie's study of video game culture will satisfy your inner geek. But even if you scoff at arcade games, you will be unable to resist this classic tale of good versus evil, obsession, competition, and communities. The film also explores the subjective definitions of family and heroism with hilarity and, surprisingly, lots of heart.

Indeed, when the movie ended and its Donkey Kong champion appeared at the screening that I was fortunate enough to be taken to, the audience erupted into a standing ovation. What Spellbound does for spelling bees and nerdy kids, The King of Kong does for video games and nerdy guys who are way too old to be obsessing over an ape and his barrels. Despite yourself, you'll cheer.

Check out the trailer:


  1. I'm more English-major nerd than video-game nerd, but I'm still excited about this movie.

    Have you seen the live action Pac-Man?

  2. Cheryl, that's some surreal shit!

  3. Wow, I miss Q*bert.
    I used to be able to play a single game for over 90 minutes, on one quarter!
    Time well invested . . .

  4. Peter, that's amazing! I lasted only about 1 minute! Like sex!

  5. Diablo8/17/2007

    I cannot believe you resisted mentioning our encounter with Vince Vaughn at the afterparty. HE ELBOWED MY TIT OMG!

    He's no Zac "Perversion, Not Journalism" Efron, I guess!

  6. When I first read that phrase, I saw the word 'elbow,' as 'blow.'
    I just see what I wanna see, hear what I wanna hear.