31 Is a Crapload

Early on in Across the Universe, the new Beatles movie musical that I kind of love and kind of hate at the same time, a character named Prudence (played by T.V. Carpio—Filipina power!) sings "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" longingly at a high school football player. The fluffy Beatles ditty gains some heft when given context (as is the case with most of the tunes in the film), and I unwittingly braced myself when she pleads, "Oh please say to me/You'll let me be your...." I thought to myself, She can switch genders, but then it won't rhyme! Oh crap, what is she going to do?! Take a look at this 35-second clip, and then return for my amazing follow-up commentary:

So, yes, she keeps the gender, which sounds weird, but at least the rhyme scheme isn't fucked up. But then...then...right after that clip ends, we get another point of view shot, but this time the football player is gone, and we realize that Prudence is singing to the cheerleader! Oh my god, it's a lesbian surprise! I'm always kind of shocked when there's a lesbian surprise, so I actually audibly gasped.

Much of Julie Taymor's 31 musical numbers of 31 Beatles songs (I don't know about you, but that's a shitload too many) is wildly imaginative and visually stunning, but a lot of it also had me declaring repeatedly during the screening I went to: "What the fuck is this?!" It's the exact same feeling I got when I first saw the trailer:

Yup, the movie is just like that, only a lot longer. With lesbians.


  1. I still wanna see it!

    Cirque Du Soleil has a stunning show in Vegas that features all Beatles tunes.

    Better too much than not enough, I always say.

  2. i think i'm going to go see it soon, that is if it's playing in university center. haha. but my real question is...
    did they show the trailer for sweeney todd?

  3. No Sweeny Todd trailer, but there was a big display in the lobby. When these high school girls walked in and saw it, one of them said, "Oh my god Johnny Depp makes me wet and horny!"

  4. wow. haha. yeah. teenage girls and johnny depp can be pretty scary.
    i'm waiting on the trailer for it because i just saw the musical at A.C.T thursday night, and i LOVED it. haha. plus it's johnny depp and tim burton. how can you go wrong with that?

  5. Am I mature enough to see it?


    Just like my Moulin Rouge experience, I will find it hard to sit through this gorgeous film without singing along. Loudly.

    Sadly, I must wait for the DVD.