Angry Tweens Are Good for Something

Say what you want about angry tween girls, but it's because of them that I am officially launching today on AOL's QueerSighted blog. My first post, "A New Home for Gay Geeks," is shockingly devoid of anything related to High School Musical, but the managing editor did let me run a picture of an almost-naked porn star—so I'm still getting people's blood pumping, just in a different part of the body. Please visit me over there, would you?

And since you're surfing the Internet, it's time for you to bookmark QueerSighted because I'll be posting three to seven entries over there every week that are as funny, fascinating, and/or absolutely controversial as anything you've read on Bamboo Nation. Should you want to subscribe to the QueerSighted RSS feed, it's easy to do. If for some reason you can't commit to a whole new blog, then you can bookmark the page that contains just my entries. Keep up with me over there because I'll be quizzing you regularly and I'll only occasionally remind you that I'm posting stuff over there—stuff like almost-naked porn star pics and the ferreting out of gay subtext from the most innocuous places. (Murder, She Wrote, anyone?) A new day has dawned.

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