APAture Audience, You Are Definitely Better Than Bright Eyes

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Sunday, September 30, 2007
Goddamn, there are a lot of Asian people in the world. The house was packed at the Closing Night Gala at APAture. Chairs were added, people stood, beer flowed. And it was great to see my Asian bruthas and sistahs in the audience (as well as a handful of white allies—how does it feel to be a minority, how does it feel?!). There were so many people there that I don't think enough folks could see around heads to check out my Ben Sherman shoes, which I perhaps love more than life. They are probably the most expensive thing I own, which makes me sort of feel like I'm walking with diamonds on the soles of my shoes. (Identify the reference, and win a prize, people!)

As you know, I've been going through an intense psychological struggle the last couple months in that I had to give up Bright Eyes concert tickets to perform at the festival's Closing Night Gala. Closing Night Galas are always fun and full of drunk people, which exponentially increases my chances of convincing a straight guy that "a mouth is a mouth, and a hole is a hole." Plus, the APAture audience looked way more clean and groomed than your average Bright Eyes audience, which tends to look like an army of unshowered emo kids.

I will recap the show in startling detail a little later, but just let me say for now that it was one of the most fun audiences I've ever been in. APAture audience, you are definitely better than Bright Eyes. And, unlike a Bright Eyes concert, I didn't want to slit my wrists after the show.
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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Umm... is it because I'm out of your largely tweentastic demographic that it seems like a very easy Paul Simon/Graceland era reference? -- Jeff


  2. golfwidow Said,

    Beaten by Jeff.

    I didn't really want the prize anyway, I wanted to go "Eep" because of you liking Paul Simon.


  3. diana Said,

    Duh, Paul Simon. Those shoes SHOULD have diamonds on the soles..but then you could wear them more, because diamonds are FOREVER.

    I remember those shoes well. Do you still carry them in their shoe box, and carefully re-wrap them after each wearing?


  4. Mead Said,

    Prince, I'm worried about the Enrique.


  5. Y'all answered so quickly. What? Are you all like...40?! (That's a tween insult.)


  6. Those shoes make me jealous. Fucker.


  7. Having seen them in person, those shoes are a thing of beauty.


  8. Diana, not only do I wrap them up in a shoebox after every wearing, I insert shoe trees into each one!


  9. Marisela Said,

    Paul Simon's Graceland album. Good song.


  10. Quin Said,

    ah, but, marge simpson also used the reference when homer won them a trip to africa.

    when they came into the home of the smuggler, marge said, "she's so wealthy, she even has diamonds on the soles of her shoes"



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