BAMBOO NATION: Live in San Francisco! (Leg-Humping Optional)

Saturday, September 29, 2007, marks the final opportunity of the year that you will easily be able to corner me in a public place and try to hump my leg. That date is the Closing Night Gala of Kearny Street Workshop's 9th Annual APAture, a multidisciplinary arts festival with an appropriately obsessive interest in Asian Americans. (The festival runs September 18-29, 2007, in San Francisco.)

The sure-to-be-wild Closing Night Gala will feature an array of entertainers, culminating in a performance by the evening's featured artist—ME. I'm currently in the process of morphing everything you know and love about my BAMBOO NATION blog into a live event that will blow you...away. Just imagine what I can do with a stage, a captive audience, and tons of hate mail from High School Musical fans. The possibilities are not only titillating but limitless!

Mark your calendars, invite your friends, and buy your tickets now! The price is sliding scale, which means you can pay anything you want in between $10 and $25. It will be night you will never—I tell you, NEVER!—forget!

APAture 2007 Closing Night Gala
Featuring Prince Gomolvilas

Saturday, September 29, 2007, @ 8:00PM

Space180 and BottleCapp

180 Capp Street, 3rd floor
San Francisco, California 94110

Tickets: $10-$20 sliding scale

CLICK HERE to Buy Tickets Now

CLICK HERE for the APAture 2007 Website


  1. Good luck with it PG!

  2. Got my ticket... so, is the leg humping opt-in or opt-out? Want to make sure I'm on the appropriate list. I'm opting IN, btw.

  3. Now, I never said that I welcomed the leg-humping. It's something you're gonna have to try to force upon me. And it will be a clear violation of my civil liberties. I hope you get arrested. Pervert.