Bright Eyes Vs. Prince Gomolvilas

This Saturday, September 29, I give up my Bright Eyes tickets in order to entertain San Francisco, when I morph Bamboo Nation into an unforgettable live event at the Closing Night Gala of APAture 2007. I know that you don't care what I perform (some of you will come see me read the telephone book, which, by the way, is absolutely riveting), but you desperately want to know what I'll be wearing.

As you know, I usually wear one of my fine, button-up Ben Sherman shirts or zip-up Ben Sherman track jackets whenever I make a public appearance. But sometimes I go a little crazy and try to prove to you that I can make anything look good, as I did with this lovely ensemble earlier this spring at The Clubhouse comedy club. I blinded half the audience, sure, but that's the price you pay for fashion.

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  1. As Ms. Judy Tenuta would say, I'm a "fashion plate"!