Don't Go to Work.... Fuck!

The governor of the Russian province of Ulyanovsk told his constituents to play hooky from work this past Wednesday so that they could stay home and fuck. The informal decree, which was accompanied with the lure of fabulous prizes, was an effort to increase the country's low birth rate.

Women who have a baby exactly nine months from Fuck Day will qualify to win. This year, a couple won a Jeep. Next year, it could be a new home.

And, for once, I am speechless.



  1. Man! If only Domestic Partner and I could get a new car--or even a new house!--like that.

  2. Alas, it's always been the opposite for me:

    Don't fuck around, WORK!

    PS Gotta thing for Ruskies though -- think Zacman has any slav in him? LOL


    On a totally random note, I have a new lecturer this term and he is a hottie with the tightest ass imiginable. Like seriously. Its very distracting whenever he turns around and writes on the board...I'm so gonna fail that class.

    Now the reason I told you that is that I think you might be just the person who enjoys tight asses..heh heh. And to prove my point, yes I will try to get a pic of that ass.

    Lets all pray that I will not be handed a Sexual Harassment Suit by the end of the term =X

  4. You need to discreetly snap a cell phone pic and send it to me. It's easy. Whenever he turns around. Do it!