He Created Disco

Anybody who dares to title his debut album "I Created Disco" is either grandly delusional and deserves to be kicked in the head or spectacularly clever and warrants high praise. Calvin Harris, a Scottish musician who's translated kitsch into sound, is definitely the latter—but I think he's smart enough to want to be both.

In the very near future, when you are caught dancing in your underwear to the electro-pop of Calvin Harris, you're going to have to credit me for bringing him to your attention. After all, I have my finger on the pulse of...something...or in the hole of...I don't know.

I haven't heard his entire party album yet, but what I've listened to so far is fun and catchy. He's got phat beats to get your body moving, and his lyrics are repetitive, almost absurd phrases that hypnotize you into submission.

You can stream his whole album here before you buy, and you can check out the music video for the ridiculous and amusing "Acceptable in the 80s" right here:


  1. I dunno PG.

    When this hits the radar screen of the whippersnappers I work with I may be cursing rather than thanking you.

    (My coolness quotient may go up a notch or two though, regardless).


    What's the word on 'Redacted' so far?


  2. Gazetteer, the word is split. Some people love it, some people hate it. But no one seems to be unaffaected. We shall see....