I Almost Have to Puke at How Cute This Is

A baby macaque monkey was abandoned by its mother on Neilingding Island in China and was very close to death when it was rescued and nurtured back to health by an animal sanctuary. However, the poor monkey seemed to have a crushed spirit that could not be revived—until it bonded with a white pigeon. This is so goddamn cute that I seriously almost have to throw up:

Daily Mail


  1. I love this story and picture so much that I feel a weird need to preemptively discourage other commenters from making rats-with-wings jokes. I guess I'm feeling my own inter-species nurturing tendencies.

  2. I see that as ebola snuggling with bird flu.

    KIDDING! Ridiculously, absurdly, vomitously cute. Also, the word "macaque" is always hilarious.

    Usage: "'Up Periscope' is about macaque."

  3. I want to make candy jokes about Dove chocolate and Rhesus peanut butter.

    But I shall refrain.

  4. seriously, i want a hawk or some shark to leap up and eat them.

    and i'm a loving mother.

  5. 'rats-with-wings jokes?'

    Flying monkeys as offspring, anyone?

    "Fly, my pretties!"

  6. Such a range of reactions to this picture, from loving sweetness to unbridled rage. I prefer loving rage.

  7. not a segue in sight, but, here goes

    i'm watching high school musical 2

    for the first time.

    i felt it would make me appreciate the monkey and seagull photo more.

    oh, wait... look, a segue!