I'm Nerdier Than I Thought

Ms. Pac-Man has never really been one of my favorite video games (after all, it has no graphic killing), but I do play it on occasion when I'm at the arcade.

Out of simple curiosity, I went to the Twin Galaxies site, the official high-score keeper for video games, to look at the Ms. Pac-Man rankings—and holy crap! I thought I was merely a decent player, but, had I been videotaped and verified, I would rank as one of the top 50 Ms. Pac-Man players of all time!

Yesterday, I scored 110,350, which would at this moment place me as the 42nd highest scorer on Ms. Pac-Man ever. I AM NERDIER THAN I THOUGHT! Yay! Yay! Yay!


  1. I bow at your nerdyness. I can't compete man.

  2. Ms. Pac Man is so gay!

    REAL men play regular Pac Man . . . so you know that means that I don't!

  3. You have of course seen King of Kong, yes?

  4. Travis, ah, yes, but of course, I talk about "King of Kong" here and here.