I've Finally Found My Understudy

There's a fast-spreading rumor going around that my storytelling, song-singing, bingo-playing theatrical extravaganza, JUKEBOX STORIES, which also stars Brandon Patton, may be returning for a new six-week run in the San Francisco Bay Area in the spring of 2008. JUKEBOX STORIES' 2006 incarnation at Impact Theatre was a critically acclaimed postmodern cabaret show that audience members came to see again and again and again. (You know who you are, and I love you!)

I can neither confirm nor deny these rumors at this time, but I would like to inform you that, if I ever needed an understudy, I finally have one. Some Hawaiian guy who dubs himself "minouye" on YouTube also tells ridiculous stories with impeccable comic timing, cites Woody Allen as a personal hero, and is a nerdy Asian brutha! Give that guy a pair of glasses, and he's a veritable me—younger, sure, but I will always have better hair:

Someone get me a worm-in-the-apple, "What's Up, Bitches" T-shirt! Stat!


  1. I am still a Jukebox Stories virgin.
    Maybe I'll get my cherry popped in SF, in '08!

    I'd blow a hobo for $50.00
    . . . wait. Who would get paid, me or the hobo?

  2. He's okay, but he'll never be you.

  3. Prince, there is no way this guy could replace you. He could never talk about his Hooters sister like you do.

  4. Noel...thanks...uh...I think.