Just "Juno," No Paycock; Or: Sean O'Casey References Make You Seem Smart Too

All this talk of Diablo Cody's Juno, and you don't even know what I'm talking about, really...until now. The trailer for the the film has just been released; I'm embedding it here and watching it for the first time; and I will provide insightful commentary after the clip:

I'm excited. The movie seems funny, warm, humane, and it will very likely make me cry—I can already tell. And it also reminds me of how much I miss Arrested Development. But like I really need to heap any kind of advance praise on the film. Roger Ebert already blew a load in his pants over it, as did everyone else at Telluride and Toronto.

How is it with my multiple Fox Searchlight connections that I haven't seen this movie yet? Somehow I have managed to finagle my way into movies by Woody Allen and Danny Boyle way ahead of their release dates, but Juno escapes my grasp—like Drake Bell's crotch, which he serenades on a regular basis and which is apparently on Vanessa Hudgens's mind more than mine. (I mean, look at it! Look at it!)

By the way, Diablo, I was at Blockbuster tonight. Your MySpace dreamboat was not there, but I am thrilled to report that there is fresh meat that's just been hired! Just when I thought our prospects were drying up like a hooker at the end of the night—lo and behold, a new mantastic employee! I will start MySpace stalking him and get back to you with a rating.


  1. Seriously Prince, its ppl like you that makes me sooooooooo glad that I dont have a mySpace account.


  2. It's research! Yeah! Research!

  3. FRESH COCKBUSTER MEAT! Yes!!! I have to get my ass out to Glendale as soon as possible. And thanks for pimping my flick!

  4. i love fox searchlight more and more.

    this is on my list, will make me so happy i live in new york again...once is another searchlight film that was amazing, beautiful, right there.. and no one saw it.

    thanks for the heads up.

    ps i miss a.d. so much, i cry on sundays.

  5. Quin, let's not go crazy now. They also made this.