The Language of Zefron

My contributions to the American lexicon continue, as yet another Zac Efron-related term has been accepted on Urban Dictionary. My already stellar collection of terms is now joined by "Zac Efron Angry Walk," which is defined as "a fast and furious yet contemplative walk to blow off some steam and clear your head, like the way Zac Efron stomps across a golf course and sings angrily in High School Musical 2."

How do you use that in a sentence? Like this, of course: "She's pissing me off so much that I have to go take a Zac Efron Angry Walk just to calm down a bit!"

This of course refers to Zefron's powerful musical number in HSM2, "Bet on It," which friends of mine have already shamelessly downloaded off of iTunes. Even I haven't done that. (I just watch the YouTube clip over and over again.)

When Zefron gets mad like that, you just want to comfort him. Remember the time he got Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher? You just wanted to cradle him and assure him that being the butt of a practical joke was not all that bad:

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