Latter-Day Half Nakedness

In order to counter stereotypes, 12 recently returned Mormon missionaries have stripped off their shirts and bared their hunky chests for a calendar. No, this is not a joke or an attempt by me to turn my sick fantasies into a reality.

The Mormons Exposed website is where you can purchase the calendar, learn more about the actual Mormon models, and, as pointed out by QueerSighted, scroll your mouse over guys in their missionary outfits and their shirts magically disappear!

The good folks at Mormons Exposed also have the savvy and human kindness to have created a neat little preview video, where you can witness the Latter-Day hunkiness:


  1. Fucking hell in a hand basket!

    This is WAY gayer than Ms. Pac Man!

    I, for one, am ready to convert.

  2. I love how, despite the racy music and shirtless-ness, all the closeups are on eyes, noses, mouths and the occasional neck.

  3. omg

    my momo friends are really upset about this.

    i mean, really upset.

    these guys are in deep poo. harsh word, but, it must be said.

  4. Eyes? Noses? Mouths?

    All I can remember are torsos and nipples.

  5. Quin, I thought the Mormons would LOVE this. No? No?!

  6. David Moore9/20/2007

    I gave my Mormon missionary name badges to my Jewish boyfriend.

    Somehow, it just seemed appropriate.

    Prince, caught the link to your blog over at Isaac's Parabasis, where we both got tagged. Nice to meet you.