Man, It's So Thick!

When I discovered that a business meeting I had to go to this past Monday was happening inside the Flynt Building, I almost got a boner. I mean, I usually have meetings in stodgy offices or overly trendy cafes. But this, this was the Flynt Building! This was the house that porn built! Or, er, this was the house that built porn!

The Flynt Building juts out of the ground like a thick cock, penetrating the Los Angeles sky. I might bump into girls who have spread-eagled themselves in the pages of Hustler, I thought, or see guys who have blown their load on a fresh pair of tits on camera!

No, I was not trying to pimp my sister to Hustler, and, no, I wasn't asked to come edit articles for the magazine. The Flynt Building actually houses many other perfectly legitimate businesses (not that porn isn't legitimate).

My meeting had to do with rather innocuous entertainment stuff that does not involve on-camera penetration. That's where my integrity draws the line!

Monday afternoon foot traffic inside the building was rather light, so I didn't run into any porn stars. I did chant a mantra on the elevator, though: I will run into porn stars, I will run into porn stars. Sometimes wishes don't come true.

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  1. I've always wanted to know if there's a penthouse suite in that building.

    Not really. What I've really always wanted was to use that line. Now I have.