The collective wet dreams of teenage boys and grownup perverts around the globe have become a shocking reality, as the Internet is abuzz about a quickly circulating naked picture of Vanessa Hudgens, who is Zac Efron's High School Musical co-star and real-life main squeeze. (It would be extremely simple for me to link to said photograph, but I must attempt to fake some dignity by not making it easy for you to access. You'll have to go to Google all on your own.)

While the industry churns out commentary about whether or not this naked scandal will destroy her career and/or Disney's HSM franchise, I am more occupied with this thought: If an incredibly generous act of wish fullfilment by some higher power can publicly deflower the female half of Zanessa, then the public deflowering of the male half of Zanessa is in the realm of possibility.

Suddenly, I want a Jamba Juice.


  1. i keep forgetting to tell you.

    i know one of the dancers in hsm2.

    really, i do.

    rhett is his name, and he is hot.

    so, hrumph.

  2. Will someone please buy me a "Feel My Heat" T-shirt?

  3. if you buy me a i heart nlb one.

  4. "Say my name, bitch! Say my name!"

  5. okay


    happy now?

  6. Anonymous10/21/2007

    Can you imagine if that actually did happen? First Google would go down, then Yahoo, then perhaps the whole internet! I'm serious here guys, we would need to print hard copies! They would sell like hotcakes! lol

  7. Anonymous10/23/2007

    I would most likely scream in a high-pitched, glass-breaking pitch. and promptly s*** myself if naked zac efron photos were uncovered.. who knows, maybe someone will unleash a zanessa sex tape... please god.