New "Office" Clips Delight Me

My other favorite TV show, the American version of The Office, returns on September 27, 2007, launching four continuous weeks of one-hour episodes. NBC has been running a promo spot, where all our favorite office drones talk about what they did during the summer:

Aside from being so consistently funny, The Office has an unusual love for all its characters, which allows the show to be deeply and surprisingly moving when you least expect it.


  1. Good Lord!
    Don't you and Loren have Tivo yet?
    Is this yet another hour of actual airing time, every week, when you are just impossible to get a hold of, for fans and stalkers alike?

  2. did you know the woman who plays phyllis used to be a 'adult dancer' and i believe worked in the production office.

    not the trashy stripper kind, but, more of a gypsy rose lee...

  3. Sweet burlesque! I love her even more now!

    (And there's no such thing as a trashy stripper.)