Put Your Sandwich Down Before You Watch This

First of all, folks, this is real. The host of a Swedish game show pukes on the air, while taking a call from the home audience. Like the Hellen Keller actress in my previous post, this host decides the show must go on, and the subsequent banter between her and the caller made me laugh out loud:

"No, it wasn't 'jerk'!" Ha ha ha ha ha!


  1. Why am I laughing so hard at this?
    This is NOT funny, especially when she feels the need to actually explain about her menstruation, it makes it even not-funnier, which just makes me laugh harder.

  2. First, ew.

    But propers to her for smiling perkily both pre- and post-hurl, which I have never been able to do, and double propers for her false eyelashes not coming unglued at any point during the festivities.