Queer Times Five

If you missed my first week as an official blogger for AOL's QueerSighted, then you missed how High School Musical is even gayer on stage; you missed how Daniel Radcliffe continues to tease my cock; you missed how certain types of balls are fine by me; you missed how I cheered for Danny the Tranny; and you missed how I claim to be a nerd, even though I'm not one—no, really, I'm not.

So in addition to Bamboo Nation, please find me here almost every day.


  1. I read you over there, but I feel like I'd be intruding if I commented.

  2. Golfwidow, I feel sorta the same way, but what the hell, I comment anyway, especially since I've discovered that my work filters allow me to so, both there and at golfwidow dot net.
    R E J O I C I N G !

  3. Creepy lady's voice: "All are welcome, all are welcome...."