Still Joey McIntyre After All These Years

In reading over "How a Playwright Got His Groove Back," which I originally wrote eight years ago, I am most struck by how much I've changed. (I'm way sluttier nowadays.) Sure, as I pointed out, most of the ideas and principles that I wrote about are still valid today, but it's amusing to notice how different I am (or am I?) and it's also fun to mull over the behind-the-scenes stuff that happened thereafter. So here are sort of DVD-commentary revelations about that essay:

1. I still go to Joey McIntyre concerts, but I'm not embarrassed to go alone.

2. I met Joe Mac in 2001, after he performed in Jonathan Larson's Tick, Tick...Boom! in New York. He autographed a picture of himself and then touched my shoulder tenderly—a shoulder that I have not washed since. I am still tickled by what he wrote and by the fact that he actual listened to my incoherent blubberings. (I could recount the experience here, but, believe me, it'll be far more fun for you to think about me, think about Joe Mac, look at that photo, and create your own scene based on those elements.... Now, wasn't that hilarious?!)

3. I don't read self-help books any more—just metaphysical texts channeled by disembodied entities. Don't make fun of me. It'll be me who'll be laughing when the spaceship comes to take me away after I fulfill the terms of that group suicide pact. (I'm just kidding about that last part, people!)

4. I still hold playwright Brighde Mullins, one of my professors at San Francisco State University (!), in high esteem, as a mentor and as the author of one of my favorite plays of all time, Water Stories From the Mojave Desert. I don't know that this play has been produced a lot yet, but you need to see it or at least get your hands on the script. It's absolutely beautiful.

5. These days I am far less restrained in my enthusiasm for boy bands. I can't believe that in that list of reasons why I loved boy bands I didn't boys!

6. Model Citizens (later reverted back to its original title, Model Minorities), which is perhaps my most thematically complex play, has never been produced.

7. I don't really use the word "God" any more.

I found a clip on YouTube of Joey McIntyre (along with Natascia Diaz and Jerry Dixon) singing "Louder Than Words," the closing song from Tick, Tick...Boom!, taken from a Korean TV show. It's truly amazing that this clip is available. I have to admit that I teared up watching this because of my memories of the production I saw, because of Joey McIntyre (of course), because of Jonathan Larson's talent and untimely death, and because of the simple beauty and optimistic outlook of this song:

I'm an emotional person! (Wouldn't you just love to live with me?)


  1. True story: I loved Joey-Joe so much as a 12-year-old that I bought a life-sized poster of him, DABBED MEN'S COLOGNE ON IT SO IT WOULD SMELL REAL, and kissed it passionately every night before bed.

    I put the cologne part in caps because it's so sad.

    I still love Joe.

  2. He just gets better with age!

  3. If they made life-sized posters of Jonathan Larson, I would totally own and perfume one. I saw Raul Esparza as the lead in Tick, Tick, Boom! in 2001--so good and so hot. Yeah, I need me a poster of him too.