The Sweet Sounds of Sheep

I doubt that this is actually a real commercial for the network it claims to be advertising, but it's damn funny either way. Fair warning for those of you in an office environment—no nasty pictures or anything, but the sound may get you busted. Get out your headphones:


  1. As a dog person, I just want you to picture Pork Chop in place of that little, white dog in the clip, you heartless advocate of anal sex beastiality, you!

    Wow, that almost felt like I was one of your HSM nay-sayers!

  2. What we learn from The Learning Channel:

    1. How to build choppers and fight with our families.
    2. How to remodel rooms and fight with our families.
    3. How to find out our families are too chickenshit to tell us to our faces that they hate our wardrobes, but not too chickenshit to tell the producers of What Not to Wear, behind our backs.
    4. How people who work in tattoo shops fight all the time even if they're not related to each other.

    At least that guy and the sheep seem to be getting along okay.

  3. Yes, you could try to put Pork Chop in that scenario, but I don't know if cats can whine pitifully like a puppy can...ouch.

    This is why I watch Discovery Channel.