That Kid With the Cymbals!

There are certain rules that are never broken. Asian children in horror movies are always scary. And Asian children playing instruments are always the cutest thing in the world. I present to you now the Marimba Ponies of Japan, who fall into the latter category:

Their level of dedication and precision, however, makes me wonder if they learned how to play instruments in sweatshop-like factories, with mean Japanese men towering over them with whips and screaming, "Play! Play some more! Do not stop playing until your fingers bleed!"

'Cuz you know if those kids missed a note, they would face a beating at home.


  1. I was thinking, "PLEASE let them play Sabre Dance!" And boy did they deliver!

    The kid with the words.

  2. AY!
    Yet more pressure and social conditioning for Asian kids all over the world to be musically gifted, on top of having to excel academically and be PERFECT in everything else (including the "ability" to stay well hidden in the closet).

  3. I am tipping you.


    Stop. Grammar time.