Three Minutes of Happy (and More)

The Proclaimers, those Scottish twins with the freakishly thick glasses, have a new album coming out next week. They just released the first single off of it, now available on iTunes and from other fine retailers. "Life With You" is the happiest song I've heard in quite a while, and I've already spun it thrice. Love it, won't you? Here's the music video:

Those of you who don't know The Proclaimers at the very least know their ridiculously infectious song, "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)," which first gained notoriety in the film, Benny & Joon.

People who think The Proclaimers are one-hit wonders don't realize the scope, depth, and accessibility of their entire discography. Sunshine on Leith, an alternately joyous and moving sophomore album, is one of my all-time favorites.

It wasn't until I saw them live at the House of Blues in Los Angeles several years ago, however, that I discovered just how incredible their voices are. The Reid twins have powerful pipes that seized audience members by the throat and by the heart. It was unusual to hear that kind of vocal force coming from musicians dealing mainly in the folk/pop/rock genre.

Loren and I were so blown away by that live performance that two days later we drove down to Orange County (and dragged Joanne along) to see them again. After all, it's not often that they make it out to the states, where popularity eludes them (even though catchy songs like "I'm on My Way" show up in Shrek). They are content to tour the UK, where their shows regularly sell out, and, also, stadiums full of people at random sports events will break out in Proclaimers songs.

Let's continue your Proclaimers education, shall we? You already know "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)," so you already know that this song kicks major ass:

This music video is of "Let's Get Married," from their third album, Hit the Highway:

Finally, "Sunshine on Leith" is a song that all of Scotland has seemed to adopt as a sort of national anthem. It's stirring:


  1. Thanks for the tip PG.


  2. 'at was good, all right. Thanks.

    I liked "I'm On My Way" in Shrek, but I liked it better in LotR.