Watch Out Zefron: Your Days Are Numbered!

I'm certainly not cruel enough to say that Zac Efron is so last month because my obsessions usually span at least 90 days. But Jonny, who seems to revel in shamelessly fueling my sick infatuations, just pointed me in the direction of Drake Bell, co-star of the Nickelodeon sitcom, Drake & Josh.

Drake, who will now be dubbed "Drell," doesn't dance like a homo, but he plays guitar, writes his own songs, and seems to channel 60s rock. (To those of you visiting this blog for the first time, "dance like a homo" is not an insult; it is a badge of honor. So step off, bitches!)

Anyway, I am happy that I can continue to keep my finger on the pulse of tween America and that I have a brand-new obsession to wallpaper my computer with.

So Drell sings a irresistibly infectious song called "Makes Me Happy," and I swear I think it's a love song to his cock. Listen to it!

When I asked Jonny if indeed the song was about Drell's cock, he responded, "All of Drake Bell's songs are either about his cock or Vanessa Hudgen's boobs."

So, here Drell is, giving Zefron a run for his money (the performance starts about 20 seconds in):

By the way, Jonny is as funny and fabulous as Diablo is, and he just re-launched his online persona with a new blog, Hatesexy, which you must add to your blogroll right now.

[Addendum: Check out "The Official Drake Bell Post."]


  1. He's really talented.

    But we all know the question I'm most interested in.

    Who plays his dad?

  2. He is a cute one!

  3. He's wearing a motherfucking ascot (is that what those are called?)! How could you NOT love him?!