When Unhealthy Obsessions Pay Off

My "controversial" column, "High School Musical 2: Chock Full of Gay," over on AOL's QueerSighted blog has not only yielded an unprecedented amount of tween rage (1750+ comments and counting) and online viral linking, but the folks at AOL have made me an offer that I just couldn't refuse. In addition to the thrilling posts you see right here on BAMBOO NATION, I will now be blogging regularly for QueerSighted, starting in a about a week or so.

No, there's no slowing BAMBOO NATION down, but I will also be contributing a handful of entries to QueerSighted every week—same ol' pop culture commentary, but just a tad more gay. (As if that were possible.) Just think—I'll be far more comfortable pissing off groups of people on AOL because it'll be far easier for people to demonize a corporation than a sweet, innocent writer like me. I'll let you know when I launch over there.

All this is a result of my obsession with Zac Efron and the High School Musical phenomenon. You stick with your sick, unhealthy interests long enough, and people start to care. It's an amazing act of trickery and, some would say, indecency.

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  1. I personally have never watched more than 5 minutes of either HSM movies (I was a 15 year old STRAIGHT boy when they were all the rage) but this whole gay thing has been pretty damn entertaining. I feel a little sorry for all of the kids that feel that you are the antichrist for calling their crush gay...but whatever.

    congratulations for making one of the biggest blog sensations ever to exist!