The World's Most Collaborative Viral Video

I've often said that I want Google to rule every aspect of my online life—it's just simpler that way. That's why I have Gmail, blog through Blogger, use iGoogle as my home page, keep current through Google News, manage a writing group using Google Groups, read other people's blogs on Google Reader, etc. Basically, if Google invented a way to take a dump for me, I would sign up immediately.

A while ago, the good folks at Google asked people to submit short video clips of themselves (or their friends) passing around an e-mail in the form of a large Gmail envelope. Out of more than 1,000 entries, the best ones were stitched together into a video pastiche to imagine how an e-mail travels around the world. The result is amusing and impressive in that worldwide collective effort went into a project as fleeting as a web surfer's passing moment. Really cool:

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  1. "We are the world
    We are the children . . . "

    Hurray for pop-locking, break-dancing Asian kids!