Wow. Just...Wow

Watch this clip.

Then send that man an e-mail.

I did.


  1. Here's what my email to him said:

    "Just great. I was resigned to spending the rest of my life believing that all politicians are soulless tools of the machine, only to be proven wrong by your speech on gay marriage.

    I'd be really upset if I wasn't so very proud to be sharing a planet with you."

  2. I too took your advice, Prince, and email Mayor Sanders. What a moving statement. Thanks for alerting us to it.

  3. Good job, people! It's a great feeling to be able to applaud a politician.

  4. email sent.

    "from one parent to another, who has not always understood or agreed with a child's lifestyle, i know how difficult it can be at times. you make me proud to be a parent, a human, and almost make me want to be a republican."