"And Remember You've Been Warned What Filipinos Can Do"

The level of absurdity over on QueerSighted has reached a whole new level that will no doubt make you squeal with delight. The post in question is one that I wrote with pride: "Gay Gay Gay Gay Gaaaaaaaaaay; Or, The 'Gay' Reclamation Project." I know you don't have the time or patience to wade through a hundred or so comments by angry tweens/teens to find the gems, so I did it for you because I am so dedicated to you, dear readership.

Let's start with these (errors included):

"HSM may be very gay, but you're more gay. You're making it sound like all teens and tweens are in love with HSM, when clearly, they're not. Do your research, man. Or lady. Or whatever you think you are."
"You're so gay. I mean you like buttholes. What the hell are you thinking."
"Your page and article sickens me. Go read the Bible. Maybe that will do you some good."
"Your still a jerk.... dont try to change our minds. you said what you had to say and you cant take it back. to put it in simpler words .......... we still think you are an assshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"High School Musical IS gay and it molests the minds of kids."
"ur an ass!!! Got suck yourself!!!"
"what the f***. im not a tween you a**whole. ill get a couple of my friends to find out were u live and kill u so cut the s***! sincerely, EMiLiA"
"if you call any of us tweenyboopers ever againill..ill..i find something to do! u r just a big b****! how dare you think we r insugnificant to you. i am never reading one of your articals again! by the way your a horrible writer."
"Wow go friggin poop on urself ok you have serious issues and need to go find some friends and hang out with them instead of writing this gay article!! seriously go hang out with some of ur gay friends and have a nice life because nobody likes you and you smell like SH*T!!"
"If you did or are calling high school musical gay I will track down your adress and come with my dads gun ( well guns in fact ) an kill you so you will see the light."
And then there was one girl that wrote this plea:

"hi zac i love you whats zacs # please email it"

Some of the most amusing comments, however, were prompted by my claim that I could "karaoke to 'Bet on It' like a 13-year-old Filipino girl," the most impassioned of which is here:

"uhm. excuse, but who the f*ck are you to say that? did you hear what happened when desperate housewives talked about the philippines' doctors? all the filipinos who heard complained and were going to sue. what youre saying when you said that is, "come on SUE ME!" let me tell you something there are a lot of filipinos in the united states. many of the teens and tweens, as you call them, have AIM. most of them read this. they will report this to their parents. you will get notified and will probably have to apologize, AND MEAN IT! youre an effing racist PERIOD. sure people think its gay, but who was this show created for?? sure its called high school musical, but the people on disney wernt really aiming for high schoolers, THEY WERE GOING TOWARDS YOUNGER KIDS! and finally (for now anyways) WHY DO YOU STILL POST BLOGS ABOUT HSM AND HSM2 if you HATE it soo much?!?! give me a straight answer to that. and your answer better not be, 'people keep telling to talk about it.' or any bs like that because thats BS! i want a straight answer. and remember youve been warned what filipinos can do. adios Prince Gomolvilas...if thats your name"

But bless this tween/teen for making me laugh hysterically when she wrote this (edited for grammar):

The word "gay" is necessary--how else would you describe a fanny-pack?


  1. i'm not sure what is sadder...that they are all such haters (which will give you wrinkles) or that they have such bad spelling and grammar skills.

    if nothing else, can't they use word and then cut and paste?

    these people will be cleaning your bottom one day... r u nutz 2 upset thm?

  2. Anonymous10/24/2007

    That comment about angry Filipinos was hilariously ignorant. The poster obviously has never seen a 13-year-old Filipina karaoke singer. If they had, they would have understood the intensity, passion, and pure joie de vivre that your comparison conveyed. Karaoke is an important part of Filipino culture, and so is being able to have fun and joke about it. It's something I love about my Filipino and Filipino-American family.

    It saddens me that so many people also thought that your calling something "gay" means that you hate it! And people are STILL trying to trying to tell you/your posts "gay" as an insult.

    With my deepest love and gratitude for your blog... you are so gay! Your blog is so gay! I hope you gay in gay forever gay!

  3. Anonymous10/24/2007

    Dammit! I just noticed a mistake in my post. I pasted it in WORD and everything.

    "And people are STILL trying to trying to tell you/your posts "gay" as an insult."

    I'm sorry, quin.

  4. Oh, I don't mind comments with typos or errors. I just mind when they're gaytarded.

  5. "You're so gay. I mean you like buttholes. What the hell are you thinking."


    Oh my stomach...oh god.That shit is sooo funny I'm wiping tears off my face.

    Guess...this kid will never ever have anal sex ever. (Note: When the kid comes of age of course.)

    And the fact that your blog is soo gay made me come back for more =)

  6. This is why I miss Queersighted. Please keep sharing. All I get are comments from angry bisexuals and crazy christians. The Tween threats are so much more entertaining.

  7. Susie-poo also got comments from me, and I am neither an angry bi or a crazy christian.

    She threatened to abort my comments because they wrecked her simple view of things. Sigh.

  8. OMG Prince, I so needed a laugh and your tween stalkers delivered!

    What gets me the most is how they don't clearly see that you LOVE HSM, sorry for the caps, please shout when reading.

    And they so hate being called "tweens" or "tweenyboppers," yet have no problem using "gay" pejoratively.

    That last comment about the fanny pack! I lost it.

    But curiously, what does this mean for German tourists?

  9. German tourists are gay gay gay gay gaaaaaaaaaay!

  10. Anonymous11/09/2007

    Lol you know what? your fucking retartded. I'm a filipino like you, but i dont fucking hate HSM. Bcz im not a fucking racist bitch like you! Your a sicko, you really need to get a life. Your making white or black people HATE filipinos bcz of what you were fucking doing. i have a question, is it worth it? if not i think you should fucking go to hell bcz of what the hell you've been doing. Having fun upsettin people? huh? your a mother fucker. I MAY BE A FILIPINO BUT IM NOT A RACIST LIKE YOU. sana maging masaya ka sa pinaggagawa mong kagaguhan!

  11. Anonymous11/10/2007

    I am insanely disturbed by some of the comments left by those little jerks. They take anonymity to a new level when they think they can post about killing a person in cold blood over the use of a term. Ultimately, what they're doing is endangering themselves by posting their own names at the end of those phrases.

    ... Can you say, "Idiots?"

    Sadly, killing people in cold blood over the use of a word is fairly common. People are undereducated and too short-sighted to see the bigger picture, that acceptance of people is healthy and can prevent a lot of problems. The world's problems can never fully be solved, but sometimes a little kindness goes a long way.

    I really admire your posts and the sincerity in your use of the word 'gay.' You're proud of who you are and you're not afraid to take action! Believe it or not, there are others like you and I'm one of them.

    P.S. Please continue to piss off the teens and tweens! It makes my day. :)

  12. Wow. This thread (and the thread on QueerSighted) is getting interesting.

    I've pissed off tweens and teens because they think I hate "HSM."

    I've pissed off African Americans and Jews because they think I'm making sweeping comparisons between racial civil rights movements and the gay civil rights movement.

    I've pissed off transgenders because they think I'm too on-the-fence about including transgenders on the EDNA bill.

    I've pissed off the Filipinos because they think I hate Filipinos.

    NOW I've pissed off even more Filipinos because they think I'm a Filipino who hates white people and black people.


  13. Anonymous11/11/2007

    ...seriously? Do these people know there's an unjust war going on? Wow, apathy rocks! Read the news, find something worth fighting about.

  14. Anonymous3/04/2008

    * if you call any of us tweenyboopers ever againill..ill..i find something to do! u r just a big b****! how dare you think we r insugnificant to you. i am never reading one of your articals again! by the way your a horrible writer.

    You are a "horrible writer" before you insult someone, on their writing skills maybe you should use spell check. Hey, guess what you could even take the time to write a three letter word.

  15. Anonymous3/04/2008

    one more thing "your"... I am pretty sure you wanted to say you are... Nevermind you seem to think that the letter r equals the word are, so I guess that it works.