Bill Maher Goes Bat Shit on Crazy Audience Members

Don't you love it when 9/11 conspiracy theorists infiltrate a live airing of Real Time With Bill Maher by disrupting the show and Bill Maher has to run into the crowd to throw them out by screaming, "Out out out!"? That's some good television!


  1. "Don't be gentle with them!" That was great -- love a man with balls.

  2. no longer available..

    once again, i'm late to the party.


  3. Anonymous10/21/2007

    Oh good god. I love it. Esp. when Bill runs into the crowd, "Get the fuck out of here!" Then when the woman heckles him, "I'll kick your ass out too!" Wish that I had actually seen that live on television I might have died right there. Hilarious.

  4. Yes, my favorite part is when Bill leaps out his seat and runs into the aisle like a velociraptor.

    Quin, try again.