The Bionic Woman Does Not Have a Bionic Vagina

The most notable thing about the debut of Bionic Woman last week was that the show emphatically suggested that Jaime Sommers (played by Michelle Ryan) does not have a bionic vagina. The script pointed out which of her body parts were replaced after a brutal car crash, and "vagina" was not on the list. Furthermore, her mad scientist boyfriend made a point to mention that her entire reproductive system was intact, as if to further drive home the message.

No lofty point here, really. Just: the Bionic Woman does not have a bionic vagina. That's all. Thank you.


  1. but then what will happen when The Six Million Dollar Man drops by with his million dollar dong?

  2. It must have been a light week for Princess Got-my-penis if he's writing about Bionic Vaginas.

  3. What I remember most about the Lindsey Wagner version was her ripping a phone book in half.
    Imagine what a bionic vagina could do with that kind of equivalent strength!

  4. For some reason, all I could think about was her vagina throughout the entire episode. I didn't want to stick anything in it. I just wanted to know its nature. Sort of like wanting to know the nature of Buddhism. That's the best way I know how to describe it.

  5. shame... i'd love to see that delivery.

    oh, and peter... i can rip a phone book in half.

    piece o'cake.

  6. Yeah, Quin, I thought I had read that about you, recently.

    Prince just has people getting ripped in his apartment.