Elderly Trickin'...No!

I just saw Wanda Sykes' Emmy-nominated stand-up special, Sick and Tired, and there are a few hysterical bits in it (the "detachable pussy" bit speaks for itself), but my favorite is probably when she talks about the need for proper health care for the elderly:

Wanda Sykes, when you eventually find yourself on this page, contact me because I wrote a movie for you. (I'm not kidding.)

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  1. this has to be one of the best specials i've seen.

    i still quote her bit on abortions (paraphrased here)and how can people think it's something done lightly.

    "it's not as if women just do it. "girl, i'm bored. let's go out and get ourselves an abortion tonight!"

    i've been a wanda fan for years... i'm glad she's finally getting appreciated, and in her stride.