French-American Neurosis

I finally caught up with 2 Days in Paris, a reasonably entertaining gabfest, starring the talented Julie Delpy (who also wrote and directed the film) and hot Jew Adam Goldberg. The movie is sort of like the semi-attractive bastard cousin of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, which also starred Delpy.

Before Sunset
, helmed by Richard Linklater, is perhaps in my top five movies of all time—I saw it twice in the theaters, and I sobbed as if someone had ripped out my soul and spit on it. 2 Days in Paris is not nearly as effective, but it's a charming and funny way to pass the time—that's if Delpy and Goldberg don't grate on your nerves. They're both as neurotic as anybody in a Woody Allen film, and I have friends who would hate them—even though these characters are more like me than I like to admit.

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