Gay Baby!

An anti-discrimination campaign launched by the regional government of Tuscany, Italy, is causing some brouhaha among its citizens. Posters are going up around the region, and they feature a photo of a baby wearing a wristband that reads "HOMOSEXUAL." The poster's tagline: "Sexual orientation is not a choice."

This, I'm sure, is causing conservatives to run through the streets of Tuscany, screaming, "Gay baby! Gay baby!" Not quite the picture of beauty that was painted by Frances Mayes, but maybe she'll document it in a future book.

I know that the battle to prove that homosexuality is genetic has long been important in the gay community. But I've often wondered if the issue of finding a "gay gene" is, at its core, misguided. Anybody who knows me knows that I am so far high on the Kinsey scale (no female has ever triggered any sexual feelings in me at all anywhere at any time) that it's almost absurd, but I support this idea of choice, particularly in cases where nobody else is being hurt for choosing the thing you choose to choose.


  1. from birth, two of my kids were gay, two were moderately cheerful and one was a grump.

    we're talking personalities, right?

  2. I just thought of a new term...GAYBY!

    I'm gonna post that on Urban Dictionary--yet another contribution by me into the lexicon.